Founded in 2004, Malaika renews interest in handmade items. These high-quality products are made by women with Egyptian cotton and form part of a process of social responsibility. 

Although embroidery is an antique Egyptian tradition, modern manufacturing processes had driven it into decline.  Malaika (“angel” in Arabic) was born from the desire to revive this age-old art form while generating a stable income for underprivileged women.  Malaika furthered its sustainable approach by opening its own embroidery school in the heart of Cairo. 


There, women learn the art of embroidery.  Once training is over, they work from home or in Malaika’s factory.  The projected originated from a simple idea: most women, independently of their age, background or literacy, can learn to sew.  Today, dozens of disadvantaged Egyptian women and refugees attend Malaika’s self-financed embroidery school to learn the art’s technique.


Every Malaika item is created to complement your home while empowering local communities.  They are made with love and celebrate craftmanship. Malaika’s products reflect the passion for handmade items with an emphasis on design, quality and social responsibility.  Inspired by Egyptian symbols and archived prints, each design is drawn and painted before being printed on fabric.  Malaika’s model is a flexible one, meant to highlight each woman’s strengths.  Every product is therefore a small, unique,  work of art, created between individuals in a dynamic, seamless and creative process.


In addition to its exceptional bedding, Malaika now also produces remarkable hand printed accessories, soft towels, splendid cushions, beautifully embroidered table linens – all of which are made with the best materials.  Malaika has prospered since the launching of its first collection.  In 2009, it built its own factory employing 60 workers and ensuring absolute control over quality and craftsmanship.  The company then opened its own embroidery school in 2018.  The quality and nature of this production prove that you don’t have to sacrifice luxury when buying an ethical product. 

“Woven from the finest Egyptian cotton and linen, our pieces are beautifully adorned with intricate embroidery, whimsical silk screen prints and colourful embellishments. Designs are inspired by our love of Egypt and its rich history and culture, with evocative palm trees, scarab beetles, the River Nile and pharaonic motifs.”

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