8-12 guests
November to April
7 nights

Calm settles at last on the rippling water and a new adventure begins. The Dahabeya allows you to discover the mysteries of the most mythical cities of Southern Egypt. The water of the Nile stretches as far as the eye can see, revealing the hidden landscapes of Luxor to Aswan.

Silence descends, and there is only the sound of the wind combing the water. Only a small group will have the chance to board in search of the wonders of the Nile. The traveler can take the opportunity to relax, meditate and enjoy the scenery for a time of introspection along this great river. 

Egypt, one of the cradles of many civilizations, takes us into the heart of our own roots. Vast, imposing and unparalleled, the ancient temples await you. On the gold-colored walls, you will be dazzled by the delicacy of the engravings, the bright colors and the imposing statues.

Egypt welcomes you, and you are embraced into the past. Time stops and you plunge into the era of the first pharaohs.