About Hela

Born in Massachusetts to Egyptian parents, I was 10 1/2 years old when we returned to live in Egypt. I arrived with a very sober outlook on life there until I got my first taste of freedom: taking a taxi alone in Cairo and beginning to discover the city. I learned over the years that there was so much more to Cairo than the pyramids. I explored many of the different neighborhoods and fell in love with the architecture, the dynamic of the bustling streets, and the ever-present history. After university, I moved to El Gouna, along the Red Sea, to work as a development manager.

But Cairo kept calling me back, and every time I returned, I ventured into and discovered a new neighborhood, learning more about the city’s history each time. Deeply exploring Cairo lit a fire in my belly to become a guide. When friends and family came to visit, I showed them the city below the surface. I wanted everyone to see the side of Cairo that so few know about and that I had uncovered over the years.

My future as a guide in Egypt was put on hold when I moved to France. I started a guiding business in Bordeaux, and built my life around it; sharing the history of my adopted city with travelers from around the world. In my heart, however, I knew I would one day come back to Egypt to guide.

Becoming the first accredited female Egyptian guide in the Bordeaux region laid the groundwork to establish me as an independent and reputable businesswoman in France. Once this happened, I felt the time had come to rekindle my dream of guiding in my home country.

Today, I split my time between my homes in France and Egypt. Come winter, I trade my trench coat and rain boots, for a cotton gallabeyah. Destination: sunny colorful Egypt. Invigorated by the kindness of the Nile, I open the doors to this ancient country’s hidden treasures. I invite you to live a unique experience in Egypt, far from the bustling masses of tourists, filled with unforgettable encounters in breathtaking places.

As a native Egyptian-Arabic speaker with a deep knowledge of my country’s history, I love showing people Egypt’s diversity. The country is Pharaonic, Coptic, and Islamic, but not only. With me, you will visit the tribes of Nubia where people speak unwritten languages passed down from generation to generation. I love taking travelers deep into the local culture to demystify the long-standing generalizations stigmatizing my country. Learning about the connection with ancient Egyptian mythology through my tours transforms each day into something new and magical. We’re visiting people and places welcomed as family thanks to my established reputation granting me exclusive access. From shopping in the Souks, swimming in salt lakes, exploring the Pyramids and historic sites like Karnak and Dendara to venturing into the desert and above all cruising on the Nile. My goal is for people to gain a genuine understanding of Egypt and to have a positive experience.