8-12 guests
November to April
10 nights

Your stay starts off in an oasis of peace, tranquility and wellbeing at the Moudira hotel. Its refined arabesques and luxurious setting immediately transport you into another world.

Continue your journey sailing down the Nile and discover the vestiges of an ancient civilization preserved by the desert’s sands. Wake up aboard your Dahabeya to the morning’s golden glow as it announces a day filled with wonder. 

As time comes to a standstill, enjoy the Nile banks’ landscape, the local people’s warm welcome, the scents and colors of yesteryear that fill the souks and busy streets of Old Cairo.

Your trip’s carefully selected luxurious accommodation has impacted the world of literature, cinema and politics. What a privilege, to immerse oneself in these remarkable settings, rich with tales and anecdotes!

The vastness of the territory traveled through, its historical and archeological wealth and the diversity of places visited all contribute to making your stay unique.

Egypt’s lights and colors, and the memory of this singular experience will persuade you to come back one day.