Hela has the keys to several private homes to accommodate your family or group of friends where pyramids border your backyard. A homemade Egyptian breakfast will be prepared for you where Memphis is only a couple of kilometers away.

If archaeology and Egyptology have been your dream, we can bring out the scholar in you and arrange seminars with our highly decorated archaeologist who is specialized in the 4th dynasty. It’s as close as you can get to revealing the secrets of the Sphinx.

Or perhaps you prefer a holistic journey with a yoga master on your private Dahabeya, or to follow in the footsteps of the holy family and monks of the 4th century from the Eastern Sinai desert to the banks of Nile in Belbeis. Why not the mystical oasis of Siwa, or the white desert and its open-air natural sculptures. On land, water or a combination of both, just let Hela know what moves within you.