In Cairo a choice of total immersion in its busy bustling heart, in a boutique hotel surrounded by the finest Islamic architecture of laced mashrabiyas, decorative domes and elegant Minarets. You may prefer dwelling in gardens of the Ottoman palaces of the princes of Egypt at the foot of the Giza pyramids, or go further east to Cairo’s contemporary island of Zamalek and be surrounded by local designers.

When arriving at Luxor we are received in a luxury Garden Hotel, characterized by lush grounds, shady patios and spacious rooms. Here, you will discover the magic of Egyptian nights in the only unique hotel on the western bank of the Nile. More than an average luxury hotel, it is a real palace to which you are invited. In this isle of calm, only the birds’ songs interrupt the sound of water trickling from the stone and ceramic fountains.

In Aswan, from the terraces of the Cataract hotel, you enjoy a remarkable sunset caressing the mountain ridges, while listening to the melodies of the finest composers of Egyptian music.